Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Its starting to look like a trip!

Gear is coming around as well as planning and preparations (cant thank Ben enough for all his hard work!).

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Music Page

Over the past decade I have struggled to find what I would call "the perfect sound". The right blend of folk/rock/pop with my own twists and personal touches. In all, I hope this trip/project will help me define my music, as well as give it new life! 

Wish me luck...

Go to or click HERE to listen.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Gear is a huge priority when it comes to being prepared for any/every situation in the bush (not to mention just actually being comfortable) And I must admit, for years I have been lacking in this area. I love my old bag with its ripped pockets, broken clips, and zippers that get stuck and often break,  but something tells me it just wont cut it on a trip of this magnitude (:ah well, time to upgrade and expand:). So for the past month I have been hard at work saving up and buying new equipment for the journey and I'm really looking forward to getting out there (ONLY 4 MONTHS 2 GO!) and testing it in the field.

A few recent things I have picked up - Stove - Water Filtration System w/filters - Tent - Solar Roll (charger) - A bunch of tinker stuff, tiny kitchen kit, etc...

I eventually would like to leave a complete list of my gear in the hopes it may possibly help others in future trip preparations of their own.

A very Special thank you to...



Bass Pro

Great Selection, Kind and Quick Service, and a Joy for Everything Outdoors!

From TeamGreenDreams

Monday, November 28, 2011

Music and Video: A great way to Share an Adventure

I really hope to write enough music and take enough footage of our trip, to put together some really amazing video to share with the rest of the world. If you can spare a moment, here is a link to get a taste of my music and I really do hope you enjoy it!

(my old page)

Thank you kindly...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates from Benny

Saturday, 26 November, 2011

Google Earth Mapping

"One of the biggest obstacle's to overcome is the amount of mapping involved.
There is no one single map resource for a trip of this magnitude, all the mapping
must be pieced together from a multitude of sources. I'm kinda hoping that this
site can become that shared resource on the internet, that other trippers can turn
to for answers and share their experiences as well, for the grand Trans-Canadian
canoe experience.

Over the last 2 months (and still continuing :-\) , I have been compiling the route
using the Garmin BaseCamp software and Google Earth to encompass all the 
information that I am able to obtain, either from the internet, through guide books,
city and provincial park maps into a giant database of back country information.
From remote campsites, upstream and downstream portage landings and suitable
food and fuel resupply points in-between , as well as points of cultural interest too."

Ben Watson